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Our vision

We dedicate ourselves to being recognized as the leader in startup launch business. To get there, we have made commitments to our:

  • Clients — to help our clients achieve what matters to them

  • Employees — to create an environment where employees can excel


At EntryPoint Consulting, we believe in delivering benefits to every client associated with us. We continue to focus on being a true partner, trusted for the value we deliver, and the professionalism, responsiveness, and commitment to mutual success that drives our every move.

Our relationships are built on trust. The quest for equal partnership with our clients defines our philosophy, strategy and operating model. At EntryPoint Consulting, our people are the key to achieving our vision of being recognized as the leader, so we work hard to create an environment that acknowledges our employee’s unique talents, contributions and accomplishments.

Business Philosophy

Since our creation, EntryPoint Consulting has been helping startup’s to successfully launch their business in our region and achieve their goals.

At EntryPoint Consulting we are committed to providing big business services at small business prices. By utilizing our experience, combined with our connections, we provide you with the highest quality without breaking your wallet. As a result, we can guarantee our clients quality and consistency at price points unmatched by our competitors.


To make things clear, we will act as your sales representative thru an independent contractor agreement that we will sign. At EntryPoint Consulting we know that companies without an important business can’t pay competitive salaries. Working with EntryPoint Consulting allow you flexibility, you can change your headcount quickly according to your needs.


Outstanding performance begins with S.M.A.R.T. goals. These goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results Oriented, and Time Specified.

Specific – Your goals should be targeted, should be unambiguous and explicit.


Measurable - You should be able to tell quickly and easily if we have met your goal. We develop a set of criteria that will indicative our success or failure in meeting each of your goals.


Achievable - Set goals that are challenging. A challenging goal is motivating for our team.


Results Oriented – We Focus on results. Your goals should focus on the results you want us to achieve.


Time Specified – together we will define deadlines for achieving your goals. Well-developed goals come with time limits.


Build great teams

Having the right team is critical to achieving your vision as the best people want to work with the best people


It requires a lot of discipline to keep the bar high. For every open position, you meet a ton of great people before you find the one who has that special combination of intellectual curiosity, technical depth, integrity, cultural/personality fit, passion for the work at hand, and raw IQ. And you have to create an environment that those people - feel will fully leverage their skill sets, regardless of whether they're in a management role. But the result is a positive feedback loop, because great people want to be challenged and supported by great peers.

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