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At EntryPoint Consulting, we’ve had the privilege of working with early-stage startups, helping you establish your sales. Some ask us to build their channel and sales from the ground up. Many come to us solely looking for guidance as they develop their own sales processes and teams. In both cases, the best campaigns are those in which we are actively involved with developing the process, or have conducted your startup early sales.


Begin Customer Outreach as Early as Possible


The best thing we do to develop your sales process is to get out as early as possible. We will spend a week, even a few weeks, picking up the phone and cold-calling end-user and channel partners. During these early calls we will get a sense of their challenges, objections, and direct feedback about your product.

Conducting preliminary outreach to your potential customers will help us better understand them, their needs and your market place.


Establish Qualifying Criteria


Qualifying criteria are a list of traits that make someone a good fit to buy your product. It sounds easy enough, but lots of companies have no idea what they need to know about a customer to make a sale.

So how do we develop qualifying criteria and track them?

• Do the product solve their pain point?

• Do the product save them money/cost?

• Do the product save them time?

• Do your product is in their budget?

• Are they using a competitor’s product and paying for it?

• How fast can they make a buying decision?

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