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Entrypoint Consulting is a full-service business to business (B2B) sales outsourcing services, based in France with connection in south EMEA, include lead generation, appointment setting, sales prospecting and inside sales. Entrypoint Consulting deliver a complete end−to−end telemarketing solution, includes invites to tradeshows, invites to webinars or even just making quick thank you calls. Our mission is to provide our clients with outstanding service from beginning to end. We begin by completely engaging each and every potential lead or customer with our proven style for attracting and retaining customers. We believe that the key to maintaining a good relationship with our clients and our client's customers is by becoming a valued part of their sales and marketing team.We provide an instant lead generation and sales solution with superior service. Your company benefits from additional sales and growth without the initial and ongoing expense of hiring and training new staff. We consistently help businesses accelerate sales and market activities.To accomplish this, we also leverage our proven techniques and approaches to inbound and outbound marketing services to ensure that the relationship continues to grow.


Generally startups go and get the office building and the supplies and even start to engage with their close in customers.  However, they never think far enough out to think about the marketing that will keep their business growing.  This is why so many businesses stall and even fail in the first few years.  We by no means recommending that you spend all your time marketing, but it clearly is a much better problem to be working on solutions to solve operational issues to increase capacity, than it is to lose sleep over where you are going to find your next sales lead.  Nothing is worse than having a company that is perfectly structured, processes in place and a staff with no work coming in the front door.


Founded in 2012, EntryPoint Consulting partners with companies in the security, mobility, cloud and telecommunications industry to set up and develop their presence, sales and profit in Europe. EntryPoint Consulting is operated by international executive partners, who offer significant experience and expertise in the areas of technology, business development, sales and market strategy. EntryPoint Consulting ensures the development for its customers through a powerful combination of technological expertise, effective business and development management, marketing and sales operation resources, by offering direct access to the European market, large accounts, prominent channel partners, key decision-makers and opinion leaders. At EntryPoint Consulting, we proudly say we have an "obsession" for ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers.


Since its establishment, EntryPoint has successfully carried out varied projects basing itself as a knowledge base, business and sales development for his local and European market.



Generate your first projects with EntryPoint Consulting before making heavy headcounts investment and organize dedicated leads generation program. EntryPoint Consulting provides Up and Ready Sales organization from Day-1 and acts on behalf of your organizations to penetrate our markets.




Why to choose EntryPoint Consulting

  • EntryPoint is committed for providing its customers with great services and solutions, while basing long lasting working relations that relay on creating a true, professional and effective value in addition of Enriching and developing its own employees while creating a fun, professional and versatile environment,


  • EntryPoint is a business partner and exclusive distributor of leading companies,


  • EntryPoint has created work related methodologies for making the sales, marketing development and channel recruitment more efficient in addition for its own communication.

Why our customers are working with us

  • Some do it because they have the budget but not the headcount. It may end up costing a bit more, but it comes out of a different bucket and you don’t have to wait weeks or even quarters to justify creating a new position,


  • Some can’t pay competitive salaries. In a lot of cases the organization is resistant to adjusting the salary. After the position has been open for a while and the pain becomes great, the team starts looking for alternatives. Working with EntryPoint Consulting allow you flexibility - you can change your headcount quickly according to your needs,


  • Some do it for faster time-to-contribution. We bring the full tool set with us to work on day one,


  • You can assess how well a contract employee may fit in to your business, before deciding on offering them a permanent position,


  • You benefit from better forecasting of your total monthly costs and budgets,


  • Your permanent headcount and fixed personnel cost remain stable,


  • An alternative recruitment model - you have an alternative during a hiring freeze,


  • You save costs - no recruitment, administration or HR/payroll costs.

Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

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